Many people love watching series movies and some sre already addicted to watching the movies. There is no something worse than being addicted to something that costs you because they will use lump sum of your money. When most people get into the sites looking for their favorite series movies and they are demand to pay in order to download the series their moods get spoiled and they may not watch the movies as they had scheduled. The other problem arises when you have paid for the series in the sites but the internet on your site happens to be slow thus, you end up downloading less than you had paid for or not downloading at all.

There some of the sites which are not recommended because they are illegal and using them they happen to be the gateway of malwares to your gadget, that you find its like moving from the frying pan to the direct fire. To keep you away from all this uncertainties we have come up with a list of 9 legal and free sites from where you can download your series from. Does it irritate you several sites looking for series without succeeding? Worry no more you are on the right truck.


Roku channel source is a famous and popular streaming channel, where you can find several types of series because it has several categories depending on genre. Most of the series lovers believe that for you to use Roku you must have a Roku hardware which is not the case, the fact is that you can use Roku using any gadget. At Roku they updated their content regularly you are only required to sign up and start enjoying the services. The content in Roku is arranged into categories to make it for users to get what they are interested in.


In case you love world’s classic TV shows at you are at the right truck. The content variant in this site is very diverse so all you need is in this site. To make things easier this site has developed an android app called classic UHF which can be useful in grabbing the content at are go. The Retrovision.TV is genre and different from all the other sites making it user friendly when looking for series because it is very specific.

Open Culture

The name suggests that the has content ranging from free series, movies, online courses and free language lessons and for sure it is. This site was developed back in the year 2006 and its content is differentiated into 6 major sections that is, Movies, online courses, Language Lessons, e-Books, Textbooks and Audiobooks. Thus, it all depends with your section of interest you just get there and get the services for free.

MoviesFoundOnline is a very nice point to get movies and videos for free online. It filters its content and displays the recent uploads and the most downloaded videos and movies to the site in order to make work easier. This site hosts millions of free movies for instance, comedy, documentaries and cult classics. If you are in need of domain with strict observance of copyright I recommend you to visit because all you need is already catered for.

At   can get access to a lot of public domain content and other very original productions. All the content in this site can be accessed from any device without spending a cent all you need is internet connection and you are done. There are different categories of series in this site and you can all access them using VPN.


This is one of the best and the largest sites where you can find videos of all kind. It does not matter where you are but provided you have an internet connection you can access youtube from wherever you are. There are soft wares for instance internet download manager and viddly to download thousands of series and movies from YouTube. is very diverse and with it you can access different contents so if you need any content visit and be assured of getting all you need.

Crackle is a free series website owned by Sony Company. Sony as a company produces its own movies and series regularly so you can get an access to lots of series and movies to watch from this site. You just need to simply sign up and create a watch list of your favourite movies and series. Crackle had developed a very unique and interesting feature that recommends content for you depending on your priorities and preferences, which is not the case with many sites. All these amazing services of you just require internet connection and you are free to go.

Classic Cinema Online caters the needs of cinema lovers as the name suggests.  If you are a cinema lover and you have not got gateway to this site, visit it and you wouldn’t imagine what you have been missing. This site allows you to download its content and it has a very smart feature which allows you to easily sort out for what you need. Even in your first tome to use this site you will find out that it is very simple and straightforward to use. provides a list of credible sites where you can download series from for free. is a company in the United States but the amazing thing is that it can even be used by people outside the United States using VPN. It is very easy for users to interact with it because its online content is sorted in a clean interface. All you need is just to select the genre from the provided variety and you can find great series, movies and documentaries using internet only.

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