Samsung Galaxy S5  which was launched last year was not much favorite among people. But, now these new devices Galaxy S6 and galaxy S6 Edge will become more popular than last phone. Soon in the 2nd week of April, the smartphone will be in your hands.

In our last post, we talk about Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge: Specs & Features and Galaxy S6 Rumors. But, now we are going to share top 7 features/ advantages of these new smartphones.

7 Top Features of Galaxy S6 

#1. Metal is phone’s closest companion

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Samsung’s undoubted association with plastic has been decently reported. They’ve attempted their hands with metal (mostly) on the Alpha, A and E arrangement as of late however Galaxy S6 ought to be in a class of its own. Contending with the Apple and HTC’s of the world will be just conceivable, if Samsung trench plastic and acknowledges the need to incline toward metal from here on. Luckily, it appears requests to God have been heard and late board break show that Galaxy S6 will come wrapped in metal completing.


#2. Screen with an Edge

At the point when Samsung took off Note Edge variation, they were principally trying out waters with an exceptional structure consider before discharging item the Galaxy S arrangement of same kind. The item as a rule, has been generally welcomed yet for its development, the usefulness component stays advanced. Thus, until then anticipate that Galaxy S6 will pack a 2K presentation with Super AMOLED quality for surreal survey. Notwithstanding that Galaxy S6 Edge is exceedingly anticipated that would be declared.

#3. They both have awesome tech inside

Beside their clearly distinctive screens, the two kin have the same details. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge utilize Samsung’s new octa-center Exynos 7 processor. Both have super AMOLED screens and 3GB of RAM. Samsung has jettisoned microSD card spaces and rather offers the phones with altered limits of 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. Remote charging and speedier USB charging are incredible worth includes. Toss in an enhanced finger impression scanner and you have basically all that you’d need from an advanced smartphone.

#4. No additionally disturbing Android

While Galaxy Alpha is a special case, most Galaxy items have persevered through dissatisfaction on the product front, generally because of TouchWiz interface. The most recent cycle of their custom stage is relied upon to wind up smooth and less-bloatware pressed. Android 5.0 Lollipop has the nonessential speak to turn into the widely adored, just if Samsung can simply keep things basic this time with Galaxy S6’s product.

#5. Another, lighter UI

Samsung says the Galaxy S6 has altogether smaller features than the S5 does, which for some other organization would be an unusual thing to be flaunting. Be that as it may if Samsung truly has figured out how to rein in its propensities to toss each conceivable peculiarity in, purchasers will be in an ideal situation.

#6. Samsung continues enhancing its cams

Both phones have 16-megapixel cams with optical picture adjustment. Another alternate way, twofold touching the unique mark sensor, opens the cam application regardless of what you’re doing, which makes it simple to get spontaneous shots. White equalization is enhanced because of the infrared capacities of the heart rate sensor on the back. HDR data is caught with all photographs as a matter of course, and nonstop self-adjust lets moving subjects stay sharp in features. Low light execution, which was at that point great, is guaranteed to be essentially better.

#7. Value no bar?

With all the previously stated gimmicks stuffed, Samsung could value the Galaxy S6 upwards of Rs 55,000 opened and its prosperity depends on how well the phone is bundled.

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