Most of the citizens in India would be happy to begin business but they do not know the most appropriate business due to their limited capital availability. Starting a business may be considered as an easy task but it is something which need to be taken seriously especially in India that is really affected by many uncertainties for instance corruption, long a tedious business registration process and also high tax rate.

In this article I have provided a detailed analysis of the legal requirements, market feasibility and everything required to begin a business in India. India being the most youth populated country and the forecasted to become the third-largest economy of the world by 2030 because it possesses democracy, demography, and adequate demand for goods and services. Are you interested in beginning a business in India with low investment? If yes put on your entrepreneurial hat and let us proceed.

Top 5 Small Business Ideas in India

best small-business-ideas

#1. Provide Career Guidance Services

Many of the students are not specific on which course to partake in the higher learning institutions, they are confused on which course to partake and why and this is where your cheap in as a career guider. As a career guider you will help people on the best career that suits them putting into consideration there, personality, job market their weakness and strengths. Career guidance is not only a rewarding business but lucrative as well because your success rate with your clients will bring in some more clients for you and as well they will help in referrals. This is a business opportunity you can begin with zero capital because all you need is to invest in your mouth.

#2. Provide Food Delivery Service

Many people do not want to leave the places they are in especially due to varying circumstance and for this reason they prefer some goods to be delivered to them in their comfort comparing to going to the restaurants to order food. For that reason any service that brings convenience to the client is always in high demand and this is where the idea of food delivery chips in. To start a food delivery service does not require lump sum of capital in case you do not have adequate money to rent a restaurant or build one you may pot to prepare the meals from your home.

#3. Open a Fashion Boutique

Currently many people have highly invested in clothing, people want to wear the best and fashionable clothes in the market and for that reason they end up spending a lot of money on clothing because for one to be always neat and fashionable should buy clothes regularly because new fashions are coming up day by day. If you have a good understanding when it comes to wears and fashions you can begin a fashion all you need is to stock only high quality stuffs so that people can patronize you. You should also identify a particular niche that you are best in and greatly emphasize on it and this will ensure that clients know you for that specific niche.

#4. Wedding Planning Business

In India wedding ceremonies in India are conducted frequently and in many instances you find that those who are involved in the ceremony do not have, time, energy and also the skills required in order to take care of every detail on their own. The commitment of the couples becomes a business idea for you and for that reason you cheap in as a wedding planner. This business does not require capital but your level of creativity and also the ability to research and learn from other wedding planners on how they do their thing for you to improve on it and compete them, it is also of importance for you to have Start Freelance Writing

#5. Freelance Writing Business

In case you are good at writing and thinking freelance writing business best suits you. In freelancing their several niches to write on so it will be upon you to choose the niche that best suits and write articles on for instance you can decide to write for a magazine, newspaper or even website. The best thing with freelancing is that there is no limit on the tasks you can tackle as a freelancer it only depends on your availability that is the more available you are the more the money you are likely to earn in freelancing. Freelancing writing does not require any capital all you need is your laptop and internet for researching. You also require the contacts of the reliable suppliers and the vendors of the wedding items.

Above five small business ideas are trending these days. If you want to share more then tell us in comment.

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