As a kid, I spent hours upon hours sitting in front of my computer playing video games. As you might expect, my parents were not exactly thrilled by this idea: they constantly told me to do something else, go outside, read a book, or do something more productive, endlessly repeating that “you’ll never make a living playing video games”. They were right back then… but times have changed. Today, making money while playing video games is possible. Here’s how.

Online Casino Games

If you enjoy playing slot machines and other, similar games online, the free 7Sultans Online Casino Software Download is a must have for you. Even if you only play them for fun, the sheer variety of games the 7Sultans offers is worthy of attention. The casino’s downloadable variant has more than 700 titles, most of them slot machines, for its players to enjoy, and even the 7Sultans Mobile comes with more than 150 games to play on the go.

earn playing games online

The 7Sultans also gives its players the chance to win money. The games here are pretty unpredictable – they are called “games of chance” for a reason, after all. There are a handful of exceptions, though, that can be played “the right way” to be profitable in the long run. While playing them will not ensure a decent living on its own, it can round up your monthly budget – but only if you play the right games in the right way.

Professional Gaming

Being paid to play a game is no longer a dream: with the proliferation of eSports, it can become a reality for many. It does need a lot of dedication and training, though, especially since the eSports scene is already a highly competitive one. And you can’t just sign up to become a professional player: you need to put in hours upon hours of play time, support the frustration and the stress of being on the loser side more than once, and prove your worth to become a force to be reckoned with before you can even dream of making any money playing.

Chris “HuK” Loranger once told the press that he has played an insane number of hours of StarCraft II before being invited to join a team (and being paid around $500 a month for his contribution). By today, the 28-year-old has earned almost $150,000 from participating in more than 110 tournaments.

Game Testing

Video game development starts long before the first public beta releases hit the market – actually, beta testing is among the last phases of development. Before any of the games’ playable parts become available for the public, there is a lot of design, programming, fine tuning, and testing to be done – this last one is meant to check whether things work as they should, and pinpoint any potential flaws in the game before it is even presented to the public. And this is done by game testers, people paid to play video games.

While this might sound the dream job, it’s not – it is hard work that requires an insane attention to detail, endless hours dedicated to repeatedly playing through segments of the game to discover any potential issues, and report them in detail to their superiors. It can be an unrewarding job, strenuous and stressful – but it does involve playing video games and getting paid to do so.

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