Internet now days becoming vast. Some people turn out internet into an earning machine. Now days, over 15-18% population is making money online by adopting different ways. In 2015, the best ways to earn Money online are given in this post.

However, the amount you can earn is totally depends on your hard-work & time spent. Go through these 10 options and find out which earning way best suites you.

earn money online

#1. Blogging

If you are passionate about writing, who wants a platform to do so, is advised to make a blog. You can choose a best platform for making free blog. Starting a blog doesn’t need any technical skill. Good writing skills and interesting topics will attract the visitors to your site. For building visitors, you need to make blog SEO friendly. Building large followers will let you to earn money online by showing advertisements, writing about product or gaining commissions for promoting someone’s products.

Learn how much top bloggers earning,

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I feel blogging the best way to earn through internet as i am also following the same and earning a handsome income.

#2. Buying/Selling domain names

Buying & selling domains is another top way to make money from home which requires less investment as well as time. You can buy domains at cheap price by applying coupons codes and sell them at higher rates. You should always research on the sites like,,, or other domain-auction sites to get to know about hottest selling names. The best way to find out good name is to use the terminated domain lists, which contains some expired domains that are back in pool.

#3. Affiliate/Re-seller

For those who have tricks of selling, affiliate/reseller is one of the best ways to earn money online. Affiliate is that person who gets the commission for selling products that he promotes, whether on his own Blog/Website or through any other source such as ‘eBay’. You just don’t have to own that product. You simply need to sign-up for an affiliate program with the company & start selling their products under the referral link of yours. Firms such as, Commission Junction & ClickBank have large pool of the products.

#4. GPT Programme

Get-Paid-To sites (GPT) are becoming more popular among the teens. You can get paid for signing-up for newsletters, free Websites, playing games online and filling the surveys online. These are best suitable for the people who don’t have any special skill, but want to earn money online for extra cash. Taking online-surveys is really simple- register with legitimate surveys sites, paid survey sites & simply tick answers for the questions. The topic of questions range from politics to shopping. This might not make thousand dollars, but you can make really good pocket money.

Contests2win is one of the best trusted GPT Sites.

#5. Stock/Forex trading

Joining Stock/Forex trading market may seems a bit risky but another best way to earn money online. However, you can start with small & continue learn it till you gain good experience in this field. After that, it will be very easy for you to earn from exchanging the foreign currencies and/or stocks. Their rates fluctuate a lot depending on the supply & demand and economic & political influences in world. The main aim of any trader is to spot which stock/currency is likely to fall or rise in value against another. You can earn more after gaining experience.

#6. Selling own brand

If you have quality for designing cool images, just don’t bother about making your own inventory. You can earn money online when someone likes your design and wants to print that on any t-shirt. You can simply upload your designs on various Websites like CafePress and if someone order your designs, then the company will have to print them & distribute the products. It could be the designs for hats, T-shirts, bags, books, calenders, posters, greeting cards, etc. You will get a commission for every sale. Other such kind of sites include Zazzle and Lulu.

#7. YouTube

Google’s YouTube is another top way to earn money online. You can upload your own or other’s videos to youtube. The video may be related to any topic like music, comedy, magic, etc. This process is very similar to pay per click advertising program common to other sites and blogs.

Sites like Mediaflix & Flixya can be helpful in this regard.

#8. Building Applications

With the gaining demand of smartphones, their applications (Apps) are also much demanding these days. There are over 4 million apps for iOS devices and over one million apps in Android PlayStore. Most of these applications are selling like the hot cakes. Developing & selling own mobile app is really a lucrative way to earn money online. Initial cost of making apps is just nothing, but the earning is very huge.

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#9. Selling photographs

If you enjoy taking photographs with a camera, then you can make huge revenue. There are many people around world who are interested for the collection of images. Now days, it’s too easy to take photos to public, by providing a convenient way to build the secondary income stream. Many stock-photo agencies, like Dreamstime, Fotolia and Shutterstock, offer incentives for the people to earn money online from their own photos.

#10. Online Marketing

Once you create a Website or blog and optimized for search engine (SEO), the Search Engine Marketing just begins. An SEM/SEO expert, who is responsible for the marketing of a Website, can promote it in many ways. These include the forum posting, article marketing, writing press releases, blog posting, search engines and submitting your site to directories , social bookmarking, etc. Most of the companies do not do this in-house & pays you to conduct the Search Engine Marketing for them. Online marketing seems to be cool way to earn money online.

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