The roots contribute the most towards the productivity of a plant and the same goes for the efficiency of a blog. The root cause behind a great blog is, of course, the great blog post ideas.

But most of the times when we sit writing, we usually lack good Blog Post Ideas . It happens with everyone especially when one is in the urgent need of productivity. Once you hammer the right nail, i.e., you meet with the appropriate idea half of the task gets accomplished.

It is not that easy to meet the needs of quality blog content every time we wish.

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Unlimited Blog Post Ideas

Well, The problems in this universe have numerous solutions. I have gone through various skilled bloggers’ writings and have come up with the consolidated wisdom bringing you the following five tactics to attain remarkableBlog Post Ideas.

1. Quora

The moment you find a couple of linked ideas with your content, it is like a bucket filled with gold. The only purpose left after this is to just edit and express your thought.

So here I take you the step that would you lead you to the world of some wonderful blog post ideas.

Head Over to Quora. You can search for any topic you wish.

Let’s suppose you searched for Web Hosting. You will find the questions which have good number of followers.

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Here if you start writing on that topic showcasing a great response, you would head towards an increased readership that implies that the followers and readers are curious enough for that issue. When you have written the content for the same topic that you got from Quora, I recommend you to answer that same question on quora too and give a link back to the post. By this means, you can grab the extra followers and readers for your blog too.

2. News website

News websites are also good places to get blog posts ideas, they have the latest news from great and reliable sources all over the internet. Some good news sites to get started are places like Google news and Yahoo news.

3. Be acquainted with Issues your readers are facing

This way is generally used by many bloggers. What you need is a handful of some good subscribers to whom you can send a mail asking about the issues they want you to write on. This would fetch you to the collection of ideas simultaneously increasing the loyalty and connectivity of your followers.for example you have 2000 email list size. and the reply rate is just 1% ,you still get 20 different ideas to write a blog post.

4. Check out Readers and Bloggers’ Comments

This is another very effective way to fetch the brilliant ideas. You should be in the habit of reading the various comments posted by the readers and bloggers. Try to be in touch with the popular forums or blogs and go for the articles that have the greatest response. If you ever happen to go across a question unanswered under the post, you can always link the readers to your site to keep your own opinion.

5. Go for the best interview

You might  have might have heard about the ‘right interview’. It implies that you need to prepare a list of some good questions that can be sent to the experts within your niche. You can send different questions to different experts. In the means to get a good response, the questions have to be decent and precise. They should not offend anyone. People are usually scared of the responsive attitude of the experts, seriously, there is no need, as there is always a first time to every step. If the query is proper and decent it would surely get a polite response.

#Bonus Point:

Meditation: Free your mind from weary thoughts and let the serenity come and enrich you. There is just a need to focus on your breathing and let the awesome thoughts fill up the aura of your mind.  You have them right there, just the distracting hurdles have to be crossed.

In Conclusion

Fetching for some sparkling ideas may take long, but you have to start. The above points would surely contribute towards a good start and you would gradually be filled with some great thoughts.

You can also share your own ways leading to some productive blogging ideas in the comment section below.

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