Mostly asked Interview Questions and their suitable answers

Interview is one of great challenges of life for everyone around the world. You will be asked any type of question in an interview and the correct answer is just a door to step into new world of job. Today i am going to share those 3 questions that are commonly asked in interviews and what their answers should be!

Important Interview Questions are given below:

  1. Why do you want this job?
  2. Why you choose our company?
  3. Where do you see yourself in next five years?
These 3 questions need a sharp mind to answer am i right? If you are capability to answer these questions then it means you are intelligent enough to crack interviews. 

To answer “Why do you want this job?” you can answer one of these,”I am freelancer these days so i need a job”, “I want to stand-up by my own so i wants this job”, “I want promotion and its a bigger job from previous one”.

To answer “Why you choose our company?” you can answer any of them,”I have known several colleagues that have worked at your company and they have always said great things”, “Your company is making X products and i have a great interest in working for those X products”, “As i found on internet, your company is the lartest one in the X side of country”.

To answer “Where do you see yourself in next five years?” you can answer one of these, “I want to see myself having a 5 year of experience in your company with a good reputation”, “I see myself a better employee for your company in 5 years”, “I see myself with good knowledge of managing the tasks in five years to provide profit to the company”.
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