Now days everybody want clear skin even they are girls or guys. For removing unwanted hairs from your skin there a many ways. Here you can see best and easy ways for hair removal:

remove unwanted hair

1. Threading

It’s one of the traditional ways of plucking out hair and its primarily used for upper lip, forehead, chin, cheeks and eyebrows. This helps to give more precision to the beautician (especially while shaping the eyebrows), though its a tedious and alittle painful process.Things to remember – The beautician has to be careful and precise while making the eyebrows as one mistake can cause you dearly. You also must stretch the skin properly to avoid the cuts. A wet thread is softer and painless.

2. Hair removal creams

It is the easiest way of removing unwanted hairs. Since it is painless, it’s generally used for bikini arms and under arms. Though it is the easiest method but it is not very effective in delaying hair growth. The hairs start growing the next day of hair removal. Also, it is continuous use leads to skin darkening.Things to remember – you should always do a patch test behind your ears before using the cream. Also, its advised not to use it on your face. It is advisable to use it occasionally only.

3. Waxing

The most popular and effective way of hair removal across the world is waxing. It helps to delay in hair re-growth, dead skin removal, skin softening, de-tanning. Its not much expensive too as It also gives long lasting results and can be considered for the hair removal of whole body. Basically, there are two kinds of waxes – soft and hard

A. Soft wax

It is the most widely used wax across the world. Its Cost effective and generally meant for larger areas. It applied hot in the direction of the hair and removed with the help of paper or cloth strip. However, make sure not to heat it too much as it can also burn the skin. Test the heated wax on small area before starting applying it.

B. Hard wax

Hard wax comes with low melting point and thus melts in minutes. It is considered excellent for removing deep rooted hairs. It is applied thickly to the direction of the hair and can be removed easily without the help of paper or cloth strips. Heat it for few minutes and apply on the desired area. Once it gets cooled and slightly hardened, hold it from a tip and pull it in the opposite direction of hair growth.
It is ideal for the face and bikini areas. ‘Australian Red wax’ is considered the best among all hard waxes available in market. The aromatic oil used in this wax keeps it soft and thus does not hurt when you pull it off. It wonderfully delays the hair re-growth and you can re-use it 50 times but usually for the hygiene reasons its best not to re-use.Things to remember

  • Before and after waxing, always clean the area to be waxed with a wet towel and use anti-bacterial wax powder or gel on the skin. This decrease the chances of any skin allergy.
  • Always use the good quality wax for best results and hygiene.
  • A good quality wax is one that has low melting point and which allows the wax to melt quickly without getting too hot for the skin and spread it smoothly.
  • Always apply the wax in direction of the hair growth and pull the strip in opposite direction of the hair growth. Then apply anticeptic on your skin.

4. Laser technique

One of the most effective techniques of permanent hair reduction, laser promises bright, smooth and silky skin just in few hours. Today, with the advancement in the science and technology in skin care, we have a wide array of laser hair removal treatments that offers a wonderful experience in no time.Things to remember – Its better to use on the smaller areas.

5. Intense Pulse Light treatment

The most advanced technique from all above for removing unwanted hairs, IPL is also considered as a popular choice. With a few sessions of intense pulse light (IPL) hair reduction, and without discomfort, you can be almost hair free. This treatment targets the ‘Melanin’ within the hair follicles which is responsible for the active growth cycle. Thus you get smooth, silky and illuminating skin in couple of sessions.Things to remember – Always consult to an expert and go for a trusted brand for treatment.If you know any other method of removing hairs then share it with us in comments!

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