Are you looking for How to do Social Media Marketing? Well, this post is definitely for you. Most people are interested in becoming community managers or social media managers but they does not know exactly what it entails. The role of social media marketers is to help businesses grow their online communities, which includes but not limited to writing and scheduling posts, running advertisements, creating graphics and also replying to fans. The duties of a social media marketer greatly rely on job description, budget and expertise. You can also check my previous article about How To Bring Customers to Shop by Social Media Marketing.

One can learn on how to become a social media marketer from several places but what matters most is the ability to apply what you have learned. In this article I will show you the tricks to put in place in order to become the top social media manager and thus, earn a lot of money.

become expert in social media marketing

Here are the Best Social Media Marketing Strategies

  1. Build your own community
  2. Look for Clients
  3. Manage your time well
  4. Manage our money properly
  5. Learn advanced marketing skills
  6. Mobilize your website

#1. Build your own community

As a social media manager you should have many clients following you, for that reason you should first of all create your community by thriving social media, this is because if at all you are unable to market yourself you cannot lie that you are able to market for others. An upcoming social media marketer needs to open more social media sites and look for ways to grow the number of people following, this will make him or her very familiar with many people which at the end will act as the customers targeted. It is a good idea that you create accounts on all the social media websites and familiarize yourself with blogging, email marketing, search engine optimization and graphic design.

#2. Look for Clients

This is the most challenging part for all the social media marketing agencies, this is because it requires more of convincing power than being a celebrity. As a social media marketer you should find out where your potential clients hang out online and then distribute great content and begin conversations putting in mind that you should use a convincing tone in order to win many clients and that will drive traffic to your website. It is also wise to attend several networking functions, conferences and other events related to the industry.

#3. Manage your time well

Social media management requires a lot of time in managing accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, instagram, LinkedIn and other social media websites. It is not recommendable to scroll aim aimlessly through your news feed for hours, but you should come up with systems and put them in place to help you organize tasks and complete work on time for your clients. The main point is coming up with the system that will be of help to you and works to your satisfaction. One of  the systems you can rely upon is creating a social media calendar, it will not only save you lots of time but also help you stay organized and always a step ahead. You may also check: 7 ways Entrepreneurs help in driving Economic development

#4. Manage our money properly

Each and every aspiring social medial manager asks himself or herself the first question of how much he or she should charge, this question is difficult to answer since the markets vary from discipline to discipline and place to place. The first step for a beginner is to find out how his or her competitors charge and determine whether to charge higher or less than they charge. You should also make it easy for the customers to pay using recurring billing. The quality of your proposal can also help you land into a job and for the=at reason you should ensure that your proposal is of high quality and looks presentable and it is easy to be understood.

#5. Learn advanced marketing skills

Most of the clients are able to distinguish between a bad and a good social media marketer and for that reason you must learn the advanced marketing skills in order for you to be able to stand out. Some of the advanced techniques include, custom Facebook apps, twitter headers, YouTube headers, knowledge of hashtag marketing, knowledge of webcasts and also optimizing YouTube videos with descriptions.

#6. Mobilize your website

Being a social media marketer your online presence is a must, you should ensure that you are present regularly in the website in order for your customers to be able to find you and interact with you on their mobile devices to show that you really exist. So in order to be always available on your website you should ensure that your website is fully functional on mobile.

If you follow all these ways then becoming successful in social media marketing is not so far. Give it a try and ENJOY!

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