So Apple released another battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6s which should broaden the battery life of the two models up to the 25-hour mark. It goes for $99 per piece and is accessible in highly contrasting (in this way). The “what is that?” knock y design leaves a ton to be sought and will presumably begin a trending hashtag soon yet we should not curse it as of right now.

Rather, we’ll take a gander at some outsider cases that are increasing the diversion and giving Apple a keep running for their cash. In this rundown we have iPhone cases that take cell phone assurance to the following level (and submerged), cases that makes charging, or staying associated, a breeze, and cases that twofold as storage room for headphones, a full layout console or a second screen, and then some.

Rundown of Awesome Apple iPhone’s Battery Cases

1. Ztylus – Professional Lenses

With its professional-grade lenses, Ztylus gives you boundless alternatives for iPhone photography. You can let out the professional photographer in you with its Z-Prime lens, Revolver 4-in-1 lens, LED Ring Light, and GoMount Disk, which gives you a chance to catch the photograph in any scene or environment. Accessible in an assortment of hues. [Cost: $99.95 – $114.95]

2. Mous Musicase – Easy Earphone Storage

Mous Musicase is designed to unwind and withdraw your headphones for easystorage so you can make the most of your music while on the go. With its superb premium material and delicate touch paint complete, this case is designed to offer you an agreeable grip and solid protection. Available in black and white or blue and pink. [Cost: £19.99]

3. R79X Antenna Case – Extend Antenna Coverage

This next generation case, R79X Antenna, has a fused multi-protected, small scale flimsy radio wire. Its one of a kind slider design inside the receiving wire case will consequently couple with your phone and broadens its radio wire power. It helps you to stay associated by augmenting the receiving wire and upgrading network signals. [Cost: $59.99]

4. ProShotCase – Durable Waterproof Case

A case for drivers, Proshot is a waterproof and shockproof strong housing for iPhone 6 that additionally accompanies two exchangeable lenses perfect for shooting in extreme situations. You can bring it down with you in up to 90 feet submerged. It is likewise mountable onto you’re diving gear, or onto a surface to make it simpler to take shots. Ships out mid 2016. [Cost: $99]

5. PWR Case – Detachable Battery & Wall Charger

With the PWR Case, charging your iPhone turns into a wireless experience. The case is both a brisk discharge separable battery pack and divider charger worked in one. The battery pack is likewise sufficiently little for you to keep inside your pocket, and it accompanies a LED charging pointer. It is available in 4 shading combos. [Price: $99.95]

6. Anti-Gravity Case – Easy Grip Case

The Mega Tiny Anti-Gravity Case is a case which permits your iPhone to get a decent grip on any surface. This slender yet strong case has marginally raised edges that shield it from unintentional drops, and its nano-suction material not just keeps your iPhone secure on a smooth surface yet can be cleaned just by utilizing water or a cleaning arrangement. [Price: $39.99]

7. Snap 6 – Single-Hand Snaps

Snap6 is an ergonomic and professional photo case that permits to capture astounding photos with high clarity and wide angles, with only one hand. Its thin design supplements well with extra telephoto, fisheye and full scale lenses, and a holding strap makes for a more secure single-hand snapping experience. [Price:$79.90]

8. popSLATE – Second E-Ink Screen

popSLATE is a case with a second, dependably on ePaper screen. It is a vitality sparing approach to rapidly and effortlessly get to news features, stock quotes, online networking upgrades, reminders, arrangements, tickets and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The second screen is powered by its own particular 240 mAh battery. The case is available in three hues. [Cost: $129]

9. Sunny Case – Solar Charger Case

Sunny Case outfits the power of the sun and charges your iPhone utilizing sun based vitality. On the off chance that you are dependably on the go and getting your iPhone charged is a steady agony, this might be the case you are searching for. No wires, no power plugs, no overwhelming battery packs, simply put your confidence in the Sun to keep you generally associated. [Cost: $79]

10. Latitude – Wireless Charging

Appreciate the opportunity to accuse wirelessly of Latitude, a general wireless charging case, which is good with each kind of wireless charger officially available out there. Scope has a slim and smooth design that makes it simple to slip into any pocket and won’t make it hard to charge it the customary way, if need be. [Cost: $45]

11. Pong – Radiation Protection

Pong, gives a definitive protection against cellphone radiation in a moderate style. Alongisde its cases of having the capacity to lower radiation by up to 67% contrasted with an exposed phone, it’s additionally a case that gives your phone drop protection. Pong is available in black and white. [Cost: $49.99]

12. Keyboard Buddy – Qwerty Keyboard

Keyboard Buddy offers a slide-out keyboard inside of a case, which gives more screen region that would be generally hidden by the on-screen keyboard. The QWERTY key layout, raised keys gives you a chance to sort less demanding and speedier. In addition, backdrop illumination for the keyboard gives you a chance to sort in the dark. The locally available battery keeps it running up to two weeks. [Cost: $89.95]

13. Capture Kit – Rough Terrain Tripod

Capture Kit puts your iPhone in a Quad Lock case and utilizing the tripod connector, secures it to a tripod for a quick, simple and secure lock-down before you begin taking professional photos even in strange territory. An enduring camera will give you the most ideal shots so this is an absolute necessity have for nature-significant others who are dependably on the go. [Cost: $44.90]

14. TurtleCell – Built-in Earphones

TurtleCell is sold as the world’s first defensive case with implicit retractable earphones that gives you premium sound quality. It additionally has an implicit kickstand and you can bring calls with the earphone also. No all the more messing around with links. The case is available in various hues relying upon the iPhone model. [Cost: $59.95]

15. Peri Duo – Speaker / Battery pack

The world’s first battery pack and WiFi speaker case, Peri Duo, gives you a chance to connect up 64 comparable speakers to stream and show music by means of Wifi or Bluetooth. It’s a definitive gathering music buddy. The battery case has a 3000 mAh limit, and is available in three hues, red, white and piece. To start with group goes out in mid 2016. [Price: $189.99]

Thanks for your time, i hope you like these Apple iPhone’s smart cases as well as battery cases. If you like any other iPhone case then let us know in comments !

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