Nausea (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome) is a symptom that is commonly experienced during the early stages of pregnancy. Mostly it is expected to last for the first trimester but sometimes it might take long. During pregnancy most women complain and experience this symptom. Most but not all women a percentage of about up to 70 complain about this symptom of nausea at a certain point during pregnancy.

Unfortunately the good news about nausea is that it causes no harm to the unborn baby and is even perceived as a good sign of a healthy pregnancy. Nausea is what that is commonly perceived to as morning sickness. But Nausea and headache both can be suffered by people.

What causes Nausea during pregnancy?

The main cause of nausea during pregnancy is not clearly understood. According to specialists nausea is perceived to be linked to a commonly known pregnancy hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone. A pregnancy hormone is a hormone that is being produced by the body when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall. Though how this hormone contributes to nausea is not clearly understood but because they all peak at the same time they are assumed to be connected.

Other views to what contributes to nausea during pregnancy might be contributing factors like,

  1. The rising of certain hormone during early stages of pregnancy that is known as oestrogen might be a contributing factor.
  2. The stomach is very sensitive and when tries to adapt the changes in the body the situation is might get worse.
  3. Also during pregnancy one might experience a feeling of fatigue which is suggested to bring physical reaction in the body like vomiting.

nausea causes or vomiting

When to expect nausea during pregnancy?

Most but not all women experience nausea during the early stages of pregnancy. To others it can last for a number of weeks but it only comes and disappears to others. Nausea is mostly expected to start between 4 to 8 weeks and is expected also to last for a period between 13 to 14 weeks.

Nausea is mostly referred to as morning sickness. Though as the name suggest it does not appear only in the morning but instead it appears throughout the day not only in the morning hours

Are you experiencing nausea or you have ever experienced? Experience it no more by reading this article. The feeling of nausea is really bad and can cause discomfort during traveling and also ruin your fun. One may decide to use anti-nausea tablets but such medicines might have negative side effects to your pregnancy also negative feelings such as drowsiness.

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Below are the best Home Remedy Treatments for throwing away Nausea completely:

1. Ginger

Ginger is popularly known at home for treating Nausea or Vomiting. The way ginger works is not yet fully understood but according to specialists ginger works similarly with anti-nausea medications. Ginger is effectively agreed by several studies in reducing nausea in various situations. Eating ginger might be an effective way of reducing nausea during pregnancy and it also reduces the nausea one may experience during chemotherapy treatment or an operation. Ginger is reported to be most effective with fewer negative side effects as some anti-nausea prescription medications. The prescription of taking ginger from specialist is 0.5 to1.5 grams of ginger roots per day.

Recommendation: consuming ginger is the best as considered to be the most effective alternative for anti-nausea tablet to use when one experience nausea during pregnancy and after a chemotherapy. However, for people with low blood pressure or low blood sugar should be very kin on taking ginger it might affect all this. Also taking dried ginger during might not be safe though according to studies done on healthy pregnant women it has reported low side effects

2. Peppermint Aromatherapy

According to a study done on effects of Peppermint aromatherapy in women experiencing nausea has been rated lower than those using anti-nausea medications. Peppermint aromatherapy is alternatively used as way of reducing nausea in a percentage of about 57 of cases to deal with nausea. Also using an inhaler containing the aroma of peppermint at its onset reduces nausea symptoms in a percentage of about 44 of cases. However, there are no studies proving the effectiveness of taking peppermint tea but taking the same might have similar anti-nausea effects.

Recommendation: smelling the aroma of peppermint at the feeling of nausea might be reduce. Taking peppermint oil show a mix result of benefits and risk but little information existing on the same about its safety.

3. Try Acupuncture or Acupressure

The traditional Chinese way of dealing with nausea and vomiting is acupuncture and acupressure. Acupuncture is done by inserting thin needles is specific parts of the body and acupressure is done to stimulate pressure on those parts instead of using needles.  Reports have shown that acupuncture and acupressure reduces nausea to percentage of about 28 to 75. This techniques transmits signal to the brain and the spinal cord whereby nerve fibres are stimulated and the signals have the ability to reduce nausea. Studies have shown that both forms effectively serves as anti-nausea medication without any side effects. Acupressure also lower the risk of developing nausea even after a chemotherapy. During pregnancy acupuncture works very effectively also.

Recommendation: though it is a Chinese tradition, acupuncture and acupressure have now been proved scientifically to be working in reducing nausea.

4. Use a Lemon

A freshly sliced lemon contains a citrusy smell which may help to reduce nausea in pregnant women. A study conducted on pregnant women who were experiencing nausea and were asked to inhale a sliced lemon or almond oil shows that those whose used the smell of lemon had a positive feedback than those of almond oil.

Recommendations: the smell of citrusy, from freshly sliced lemon or store bought lemon essential oil helps in reducing nausea. One may decide either to slice the lemon or scratch its peel for both works similarly.

5. Control Your Breathing

Controlling your breathing also releases nausea from the body, by taking a deep and slow breathe helps to reduce nausea. A study was done by researchers to determine which aromatherapy work effectively at reducing nausea and patients were instructed to take in a slow deep breathe through the nose and breath out through the mouth. After a while the patients reported a decrease in nausea therefore concluding their research by arguing that a controlled breathing can help ease nausea

Recommendation: breathing is free and is essential for human life. Relaxing and breathing effectively help reduce nausea at home. Also aromatherapy together with controlled breathing works independently in reducing nausea

6. Use Certain Spices

Use of certain spices at home may be a remedy more reducing nausea without the use of medication. The spices that are commonly used are supported by specialist evidence that is spices such as cinnamon, fennel powder and cumin extract.

Fennel powder: helps women during menstruation to reduce symptoms like nausea and also helps to reduce the duration of the menstrual cycle.

Cinnamon: this also helps to reduce the feeling of nausea that is experienced during menstruation process.

Cumin extract: this also reduces abdominal pains menstrual pains, nausea, constipation and diarrhoea.

Recommendation: drawing conclusions from above those spices may reduce nausea successfully. Although more studies have to be conducted on to support this topic. According to the studies the dosage of this spices ranges from 180 to 420 mg per day which might be difficult to achieve in everyday use.

7. Try Relaxing Your Muscles

Muscle relaxation also helps in reducing nausea. The most commonly used technique is known as progressive muscle relaxation where by an individual is required to tense and relax their muscle Relaxing continuously in a sequence as way of achieving physical and mental relaxation. A review has shown than progressive muscle relation effectively reduces nausea. Massage also relieves muscle tension according to research done where by patients were given few minutes massage and after comparing them with those who were not given the results were different. Massage also reduces nausea in a little bit.

Recommendation: try to do a little bit of muscle relaxation by using massage or progressive muscle relaxation techniques it may help reduce nausea during pregnancy and also in an operation.

8. Take a Vitamin Supplement

Vitamin such as B6 can also be used as a supplement in reducing nausea.  Pregnant women who does not like using anti-nausea medications are recommend to used vitamin B6 as a preference for effective nausea reduction. A study reveals that a vitamin B6 supplements known as pyridoxine helps in reducing nausea during pregnancy. The study now suggest its reason for taking vitamin B6 during pregnancy. The dosage taken for vitamin B6 is about 200 mg per day and are considered safe during pregnancy with zero side effects.

Recommendation: vitamin B6 is safe and effective for fighting nausea by pregnant women instead of anti-nausea medications. According to the few research done on this topic researchers have proved that it has got no side effects.

The following tips can be used as additional to the above points in research done on way of reducing nausea or helps to reduce nausea symptoms.

9. Avoid fatty foods

Fatty foods increases the chances of having nausea, thus, it is highly recommendable for all nausea vitamins to take foodstuffs that are rich in fibre like fruits and vegetables. Foodstuffs like bananas, rice, applesauce and baked potatoes helps relieve nausea from the body.

10. Take meals rich in proteins

If you normally experience nausea it is advisable that you take more of body building foods than energy giving food. The body building foods are mostly preferred than is recommended to take this meals for it helps in fighting nausea.

11. Avoid taking large amount of food

In the times you are feeling nausea you should reduce your intake of food stuffs. It is advisable that you take small foods frequently and they will help you reduce the symptoms. Large food quantities have been found to increase the symptoms of nausea.

12. Avoid sleeping after eating

You should take time before sleeping after taking any meal mostly around 30 to 60 minutes. Most people experience nausea due to this and avoiding may help in reducing the chance of being nauseated.

13. Do not drink any fluid while taking meals

It is advisable that while taking any meal one should avoid taking fluids, this is because the feeling of fullness may lead to nausea to some individuals.

14. Take a lot of fluids

Ensure that you take lot of water, a dehydrated body is prone to nausea. If this situation is accompanied by vomiting one should take a lot of fluids such as water, milk, and also vegetables that are rich in fluids to help reduce nausea or vomiting.

15. Stay away from strong smells

Strong smells of deodorants and other strong aromas mostly causes nausea during pregnancy one should try as much to avoid this smells.

16. Avoid certain supplements

Some supplements such as iron should be avoided by pregnant women with normal iron level during their early stages of pregnancy this may lead to the feeling of nausea.

17. Do a lot of Exercises

Exercises play a big role in reducing nausea symptoms for that reason you should ensure that you do some aerobics and go yoga this might also be helpful in reducing nausea.

Recommendation: the above tips works best in reducing and preventing nausea as evidenced although there is no enough study for the above tips but the little ways reduces risk might be very effective. The feeling of nausea is often terrible and it happens in many situations. However it is better to rely of natural remedies but if it get worse it is better to conduct doctor’s help. Some pregnant women often find home remedies not helping the good thing about this feeling is that it might not have any side effects to the latter and it will stop at some point.

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Concerns with Nausea or Vomiting during pregnancy

If you find you are experiencing nausea or vomiting and you have tried using home remedies and are not working it is better to conduct a specialist to know your condition.  Nausea causes during pregnancy is regarded as a normal situation but sometimes it can lead to problems that needs to be attendant to.

Some of conditions that might be seen with severe nausea includes;

  1. Hyperemesis gravidarum– nausea might get worse therefore requiring some special medication. This medical condition leads to lose of nutrients required during pregnancy.
  2. Molar pregnancy– it occurs due to the development of an abnormal tissue in the uterus and this is really dangerous.
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