Having gone through this article am sure the solution for removing dark spots fast on your skin will have been found. Dark spots are discoloured patches that appears on the body parts that is for example on your face, arm, shoulders, or even on your back. They are also referred to as black spots or aging spots. These spots are caused mostly by the excessive secretion of the pigment that is responsible for skin colouring known as melanin.

These spots can really be a distress to a person even though they may vary from different sizes and shapes or even from where it appears in the body. You don’t need to hide them any more with make ups or whatever since the solution for getting rid of it completely is right here.

remove dark spots fast at home

What causes Dark Spots?

#1. Too much sun exposure

the production of melanin can greatly be boosted by excessive sun burn,  that is when the body is exposed to the sun for too long without the application of adequate amount of sunscreen. The body will find a way of protecting itself against the harmful sun rays or the ultraviolet rays there by increasing spots on the face.

#2. Changes in hormonal production

During pregnancy there is the fluctuation in the production of progesterone and oestrogen and also when using birth control pills. This hormonal changes increases the production of melanin in the body therefore leading to the formation of the discolouring matter.

#3. Removal of hair from the face

People attempt to remove facial hair through waxing, tweezing and also by the use of creams can later lead to appearance of dark spots on the parts where hair was developing

#4. Acne / Injury

Scars that are left behind by the pimples or injury or any kind of medical operation can by shown on skin as dark spots. These dark spots caused by acne can be removed by below natural home remedies.

#5. Skin damages

The disappearance of pimples from the face and also skin damage though surgery or injuries might leave behind dark sports on the body.

#6. Growing old

As one starts aging the body becomes reluctant in the production of skin cells which can be used to cover injuries on the skin therefore leading the existence of dark spots.

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Several types of dark spots

The importance of knowing the several types of dark spots is that it will help you to choose the best method of getting rid of it.

1. Melisma

This is caused mainly by hormonal therapy treatment or hormonal imbalances. They are referred to as dark spots that appears mostly on the cheeks in splotch-like form

2. Lentigines

This are directly caused by excessive exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun. They mostly appears on skin of old people in no pattern. They are scattered all over the skin and sometimes people commonly refer them as liver spots.

3. Pimple marks

After the pimple disappears on the face many people discover that a mark is left behind and this spots that are left are the evolvement of dark spots.

4. Post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation

This one is brought about by the injuries caused on the skin due to sun burns or acne.

Procedures of treating dark spots FAST

There are several ways of treating dark spots treating dark spots depending on how it appears on the skin. One may decide to use a home remedy a cosmetic solution or medication. The following are procedures of undergoing a cosmetic treatment for dark sports.

how to remove dark spots overnight

#1. Laser Treatment

The factors that are considered during laser treatment are colour, size and the depth of the spot. Laser treatment give quick results and research show it is not that painful to undergo. However after laser treatment has been done the skin becomes very sensitive one will need to avoid direct exposure from the sun and also use plenty of sunscreen.

#2. Chemical Peels

This involves the use of chemical to get rid of the dark spot fast on your body. The chemical is applied gently on the skin removing the old skin containing the dark spot and leaving a new layer of the skin. The chemical application depends on the depth and darkness of spot and it is painless although it sounds scary. Deepest spot mostly uses the chemical known as phenol, the medium uses trichloroacetic and the lightest uses hydroxyl acid.

#3. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a relatively painless practice. The procedure is done by spraying micro-exfoliating crystals on the skin then tenderly suctioning them away. The combined effect of both helps in stripping away of the superficial layer of the skin and also collagen production being rebooted.

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Natural ways of treating dark spots fast

Apart from the cosmetic ways of treating dark spot you may also find the natural remedies being the simplest and most affordable ways of treating dark spot. Below are some of the best methods of treating dark spot that are next to you or are within your kitchen.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon fruit contains citric acid and vitamin C the two of them are known to be the best bleaching agents. Lemon is gotten naturally and instead of using them to make juice and so one can take advantage of making medicine.  The bleaching agent when it applied on the skin lighten you’re your dark spot and within a short period of time it will disappear. Depending on the sensitiveness of your skin you may decide which form of the ingredient to use.

lemon juice for treating dark spots

Method 1 – mix lemon with water

What you will need in this method is one lemon fruit, clean water and a piece of cotton wool. Lemon juice contains a concentrated citric acid which be a little harsh to the skin thought using the paste in its concentrated form might the best

Procedure to follow –
  1. On a clean bowl squeeze the lemon juice in it.
  2. Add the same amount of clean water on in the juice and stir it gently.
  3. Now you can apply the ingredient on your face gently using the cotton wool.
  4. After twenty minutes wash your face without soap.

Repeat this procedure every day until the spot disappears.

Method 2 – Yoghurt and lemon mixture

In this method you need to have one table spoon full of yoghurt and one lemon fruit. The yogurt paste is used as a cleansing property while the lemon juice as a bleaching agent. The effect of the combined agent has the best result ever on your skin.

Procedure to follow –
  1. On a clean bowl squeeze the lemon juice.
  2. Add your yoghurt paste and stir the mixture well.
  3. You can use your hands to apply the mixture on your face.
  4. Wash your face after thirty minutes with clean water.

Repeat this procedure twice a week.

Method 3 –mix lemon juice with sugar

The ingredients needed here are a half lemon fruit and one table spoon of sugar. Sugar is used as a face scrub, mixing it with the lemon juice provides a combined and best effect for your dark spot.

Procedure to follow –
  1. On a clean bowl squeeze lemon juice.
  2. To the juice add sugar in it and stir them well to mix.
  3. Using your fingers rub the mixture gently on face scrub it well focusing on the dark spots.
  4. Wash your face after scrubbing for two minutes with clean water and leave to dry.

Do this procedure once a week.

Conclusion: when using the lemon paste be very careful with the areas around your eyes for the skin is very sensitive there. After using the lemon medication do not go to sun immediately for your skin might get damaged. Make sure you use fresh lemon only avoid packaged lemon.

2. Vitamin E Oil

Many of skin care products are seen to contain vitamin E ingredient. Vitamin E has the benefit of reducing discolouration problems from the skin. Vitamin E helps in repairing damaged skin. Vitamin during aging. Vitamin E is applied directly on the skin for it does not need to be mixed with any ingredient. The following are the procedures to follow during the application of vitamin E oil.

vitamin e oil for dark spots

Method 1 – Use Bottled Vitamin E Oil

What is needed in this method is vitamin E oil in a bottle.

Procedure to follow –
  1. Take a few drops of vitamin E oil and apply directly into dark spots.
  2. Rub your skin gently using your fingers.

Do this procedure daily before retiring to bed.

Method 2 – Using Vitamin E Capsules

You need one vitamin E capsule and a safety pin.

Procedure to follow –
  1. Using the safety pin create a small hole on the capsule.
  2. Press the capsule and squeeze out.
  3. Use your fingers apply the oil on the dark spot and rub it gently.

Repeat the procedure daily before going to bed.

Conclusion: vitamin E might be allergic to some people there it is advisable to do a skin test with your fore arm before using it. It best applied at night since vitamin E comes out in a thick oily patch.

3. Potato

Apart from potato being a foodstuff preferred by many it may as well be used as a medication for dark spots. A potato contains sugar and starch which removes dead skin cells and replace them with new ones. A potato also contains many minerals that works for the benefit of dark spots removal. There are several ways of using a potato to remove dark spot fast.

remove dark spots from face with potatos

Method 1 – using sliced potato

In this method the only thing you need is one potato and a knife to slice the potato.it is the easiest method.

Procedure to follow –
  1. Pick you potato and slice it into very thin pieces.
  2. Wet the potato slices and place them on the areas with the dark spots.
  3. Wait for ten minutes the remove the slices.

Repeat this procedure daily for the best results.

Method 2 – mix Potato with Lemon Juice

In this method what is required is one potato, one cup of hot water, one tablespoon of lemon juice, a knife and a piece of cotton wool. The lemon juice produces a bleaching agent when mixed with the potato ingredient it provide the best dark spot removal effect.

Procedure to follow –
  1. In a clean bowl slice the potato and soak them using the cup of hot water.
  2. Soak the potato for not less than one hour.
  3. Drain the water in another bowl and it with the lemon juice.
  4. Wait for the mixture to cool you can refrigerate if possible for one hour.
  5. Using the cotton wool piece apply the mixture gently on the dark spots.
  6. Wait for twenty minutes then wash with clean water.

Repeat this procedure twice a day for every day.

Conclusion: if you experience any irritation on the skin or occurrence of red spots you cease using potato paste immediately. A potato is the best use for it is freely available to treat dark spot fast.

4. Buttermilk

Butter milk contains a lactic acid known as alpha hydroxyl acid which helps in the removal of dead skin therefore lightening the dark spots. Buttermilk work best instead of using chemicals that might be very expensive. Buttermilk is gotten freely after the removal of butter out of milk. Butter milk works best in the following ways.

butter milk to get rid of dark spots

Method 1 –Using Raw Buttermilk

You will need butter milk and a piece of cotton wool. It is the cheapest and the simplest way to use buttermilk treatment.

Procedure to follow –
  1. Use a clean bowl, pour the milk in it.
  2. Use the cotton wool to apply the milk directly on the dark spots.
  3. Wait for twenty minutes then wash away the milk using clean water.

This procedure is to be repeated daily.

Method 2 – mixing Buttermilk and Tomato Juice

In this method you will need four spoons of buttermilk and two spoons of tomato juice. The mixture of both has got a bleaching property that work best to give a dark spot-free face.

Procedure to follow
  1. Mix the buttermilk and the potato juice in a clean bowl and mix them thoroughly.
  2. Use your hands to apply the mixture on your face.
  3. Wait for thirty minutes and wash your face with clean water.

Repeat this procedure daily.

Conclusion: be careful when applying buttermilk around your eyes it might cause some damages. Buttermilk can also be replaced with yoghurt if it is not available.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains a variety of minerals in it, some of the things found on aloe Vera is amino acids, vitamins A, B, C and E. all this mineral that are found in this plant helps it to have anti-aging and skin nourishing properties. Aloe Vera is a plant that grows in different parts of the world it is free from nature. The following are the best ways of using aloe Vera to treat dark spots.

aloe vera for black spots removal

Method 1 –Using Aloe Vera Gel

Requirements in this procedures are as follows an aloe Vera leaf and a knife. The easiest and best way of using aloe Vera is using its gel directly from the leaf.

Procedure to follow-
  1. Slice away the outer layer of the aloe Vera using a knife.
  2. Use your hands to squeeze the gel and apply it directly on the spots.
  3. Wash it off away using clean water after twenty minutes.

Repeat this procedure daily.

Method 2 – mixing Aloe Vera Gel, Sugar, and Lemon Juice

You will need a half cup aloe Vera gel one tablespoon of sugar and two tablespoons of lemon juice. The mixture of lemon and aloe Vera contains a bleaching agent which lightens the dark spots and sugar acts as a face scrub.

Procedure to follow-
  1. Using a clean bowl put the sugar, lemon juice together with the aloe Vera gel and stir the mixture gently.
  2. Use your clean hands to scrub the mixture gently on your skin and focusing on the areas with dark spots.
  3. Wash away the mixture with clean water after twenty minutes.

This procedure is to be repeated every day.

Conclusion: some people who are allergic to latex might experience irritation due to their skin coming in contact with aloin a component found within the lining of the aloe Vera leaves. It is the best way and available naturally of treating dark spot fast one may decide to invest in an aloe Vera plant to keep at home for easy access.

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