The only thing more satisfying than doing what you love is making money while doing what you love. The online gaming industry is full of entertainment possibilities and opportunities to make a steady and rather impressive income. The global gaming market in 2020 was valued at $173.70bn, and the projected revenue for 2026 is nearly double at $314.40bn. From video gaming to casino gaming, esports gaming, and mobile gaming, the industry demand is continuously rising.

If you’re looking to get a market share out of those figures, you’d be surprised at the number of ways you could do so.

Passion for gaming

earn playing games online

You don’t need to have soccer or basketball skills to be recognized as a pro sportsman. Joining a professional eSports team is just as good an option. You’ll need to select a game specialty, train, practice, and perfect your skills.

After gaining a level of competence, you can begin taking part in tournaments. Start small and work your way up. As you can imagine, eSports competitions award varying prizes. Established players within the community also earn high incomes.

Affiliate marketing

Entering affiliate partnerships with gaming companies requires you to promote their brand or products to your social media followers, and you get a commission for driving traffic to the affiliate website. This is very popular in the online casino scene nowadays. Online casino reviewers like PayPal Casino review and drive conversion for the casinos available on their site.

One of the major perks is that you even get to review new offerings before they are released to the market. You can also partner with multiple companies at a time.

Live streaming

Mobile Slot Machines

By live streaming your gameplay on social media platforms, you can monetize your passion. You can do so even with minimal skill. What you’ll need, however, is to attract an online audience and develop an appealing strategy to grow your subscriptions and maintain engagement.

You earn through donations from viewers and sponsorships, and the top live streamers rake in as high as six figures yearly. Twitch is the leading platform for live streamers nowadays. Other popular platforms are YouTube and Facebook Live.

Creating a YouTube channel

This is like live streaming but not quite. With a YouTube channel dedicated to gaming, you post pre-recorded videos rather than real-time content. The goal is to grow your audience, as the more views and subscriptions you get, the more money you make. With a regular posting schedule and a compelling approach, you could earn even more than you would as a live streamer. YouTube channels benefit from ad revenue as well as sponsorships.

Video game blogging

Gear to Step Up Online Game

Blogging is a thriving business for any industry. With gaming, there’s a large audience to reach out to, not just in videos but in writing. You can start up a blog as an independent reviewer of video games or casino games providing unbiased opinions, gaming tips, strategies, and guides. If you’ve got the right knowledge, you can quickly get people on board.

Like every blog or website, you can monetize through google ad sense, sponsorship, affiliate marketing, and more.

Game testing

As a game tester, you can try out hundreds of new games before they are released. After playing, you’ll have to give feedback to the developer on bug fixes and quality control issues. Openings for these jobs are not so easy to come by, but you can land one that pays a decent salary if you’re lucky.

Generally, it’s possible to combine two or more of these jobs. For instance, you can be a video game tester and a live streamer at the same time or a blogger and affiliate marketer. Whichever work opportunity you choose, you’ll be able to start earning a sustainable income while enjoying plenty of gaming entertainment.

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