Welcome to the SuperPay.Me – They pay users daily for completing the Daily Online Surveys, by watching PTC ads and some other free offers. SuperPay.Me is the easiest way to earn money online daily as you earn money everyday by working from your Home. Register for your free account and just start earning. Superpay.me have near about 700 worldwide offers available. Simply just earn $1.00 and you will be get paid via Instant PayPal, Moneybookers, Payza, Neteller or Amazon Gift Cards.

Question is how SuperPay.me itself earns? Superpay.me only earns revenue when members earn money by completing their offers.

It is very important that all of you do fully understand how SuperPay.me works in order to MAXIMIZE your daily revenue.

The most important tip I can give you is this – CLEAR YOUR BROWSER COOKIES. This is simple task but it’s very important and will ensure that you will get credited 100% for every offer you have completed.


To start earning money everyday, please click on “MAKE MONEY” or “OFFER WALLS” menu from the top menu navigation tabs.

Here you will see all different types of free offers ( including Watching videos, Quick Submits, CPC, Trial offers etc ) they have available for members from their location.

If there is no any offer available for you today, there could be offers available tomorrow. So keep coming back and checking the website daily.

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