YouTube is a platform that allow people to show their skills to others. People now day want to watch video of any topic rather than reading it.  People usually like to watch comedy, technical, cooking, music, kids, education, news, movies and much more. YouTube is totally free to watch unlimited videos. YouTubers who are having a lot of subscribers have become celebrities.

The another best thing about youtube is that you can simply create an account and share the videos to public. If people like your video, your channel can get subscribers. This can help you to become famous and you can also earn a handsome income from it. There are hundreds of famous youtube channels that have millions of subscribers. In this post, i will share 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels of India.

most subscribed youtube channels

#1 ChuChu Tv

ChuChu TV is probably India’s biggest content creator you’ve probably never known about. It is a Chennai based channel renowned for making enlivened videos for Kids. This is a standout amongst the best Youtube channels in India for children excitement and instruction. It is the second most watched Youtube Channel in India.

Additionally, ChuChu TV is well known in western nations like the US, the UK, Ireland, the Middle East and South-East Asia, and a few different nations and locales.

#2 Actor Varun Paruthi

Varun Pruthi makes the social trial, helpful and persuasive videos on Youtube. More often than not he is seen assisting individuals who are in critical need of cash and support.They are for the most part road sellers, individuals with inabilities. He causes them by purchasing their entire thing without a moment’s delay.

This is a standout amongst the most celebrated youtube channels in India. The channel has 1.3 Million Subscribers. Varun Paruthi has its own sites named

#3 Technical Guruji

Specialized Guruji was created by Gaurav Chaudhry on eighteenth October 2015 and in an exceptionally brief time, figured out how to make this channel most prevalent Indian Youtube channel in the specialized class. The fundamental rationale behind the production of this channel was to make innovation “Straightforward”. Gaurav does Tech Videos in Hindi. He is a Security Professional, by and by living in Dubai.

Videos from specialized Guruji are instructive and straightforward. This best Indian tech YouTube channel has in excess of 2 lakh endorsers.

#4 VahChef

Vahchef is the best Youtube channel in India for cooking. The channel has a place with Sanjay Thumma. He is an energetic Indian Chef and organizer of cooking site “”. He is known everywhere throughout the world with extraordinary notoriety among the Indian Expatriate Communities in terrain Europe, Australia, and North America.

VahChef youtube channel has in excess of 1500 cooking videos and has 1.1 Million youtube devotees which are most by any youtube cooking channel.

#5 Being Indian

Being Indian is a YouTube channel claimed by Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd. An organization established by Sameer Pitalwalla, an alum of the University of Westminster in 2013. The crazy silliness on this channel has pulled in a herd of both youthful and elderly individuals gushing its contents as they take a portion of their best drug Laughter.

#6 Kantri Guyz

With more than one lakh endorsers, Kantri Guyz is well known satire content creators in India. The gathering of youthful aficionados creates comical and engaging videos on YouTube. From satires and tricks to improv shows, they do everything. Kantri Guyz has as of late won Silver Creator Award from Youtube for finishing one lakh endorsers.

#7 BB Ki Vines

BB ki Vines is created by Bhuvan Bum. He is a comic and performer by profession whose channel has turned into the most recent sensation among the YouTubers. He created uniqueness by focusing on the brains of the standard Indians and local people. BB ki Vine is a standout amongst the most acclaimed youtube channels in India

#8 News Laundry

News Laundry is an Independent news organization. They are promoters of free news. The channel isn’t subsidized by any corporate house or government official so News Laundry is known for impartial and genuine news. The channel is likewise known for the busting the phony news. Thus, in the event that you are tired of the TV channels banter you can go to this Youtube channel for some genuine news.

#9 Health and Fitness

The T-arrangement run channel as a team with Guru Mann, a well-manufactured wellness aficionado, is your one-stop look for the majority of your questions identified with eating routine and wellbeing programs. Master Mann is a nourishment master who has a degree in Biomechanics and has broad involvement in showing others how to get fit as a fiddle.

Wellbeing and wellness in the best Youtube channel in India for Fitness and wellbeing with in excess of 8 lakh endorsers.

#10 SNG Comedy

SnG Comedy is a gathering of professional stand up, improv and sketch comics from Mumbai, India. SnG contains Karan Talwar, Varun Thakur, Aadar Malik, Brij Bhakta, Neville Shah and Kautuk Srivastava

This parody channel has in excess of 6 lakh endorser. Likewise, the best youtube channel in India for Comedy content.


This is our rundown of Top 10 Youtube Channels in India. We endeavored to incorporate every one of the fields like wellbeing and wellness, amusement, cooking, and satire and so on.

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