The summer season brings with it lots of things, including a hard time for your skin as well. Scorching heat, sweating, skin infections are some of the problems that have to be tackled during summer season. Especially women and girls have to take a lot of care of their skin to keep their skin healthy and glowing during the summers.

You should follow these useful skin care tips to keep your skin healthy and flawless throughout the summer season.

best Summer-skincare-tips

Best Summer Skin Care Tips

1. Face And Body Care

In the summer season, you need to take a lot of care of your skin as your skin as in summers skin is easily get prone to pimples and acne during summers. It is essential to keep your face dust and sweat free during summers which can be easily done by washing the face 3 to 4 times a day with water. There is no need of using face-wash every time simple splashing water is enough to keep the face clean and hydrated.

Exfoliation is important for clean skin and removal of impurities so scrub your face daily with tomato or lemon juice mixing along with rose water for 3 to 5 mins. While bathing you can also exfoliate your body using a body scrubber gently in circular movements it will remove dead cells of the body making it clean and glowing.

You must follow the principle of cleaning, toning and moisturising before going to bed as it is an important aspect of your daily routine.

2. Use Light Skin Products

During summers your skin requires lighter products like light creams and serums that let your skin breathe properly. Thick creams are for the winter season so you should not use them in summers.

Water- based moisturisers should be used for normal skin and gel- based moisturisers for oily skin in summers.

Glycerine and rose water are natural moisturisers that can be added in bathing water before taking a shower. Plain curd can be applied on hands and feet for getting relief from dry skin apply it for 10 to 15 mins.

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3. Apply Light Make Up In Summer

In summer light make up should be used as the natural look is best in this season. If you use a foundation then must apply face powder. You should use lip gloss or lip balm in summers for soft and supple lips. Eye makeup should be avoided in summers.

4. Sunscreen Is Important In Summer

In summer season you are more likely to get exposed to the sun rays, therefore, you must always use a sunscreen of SPF 30 to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun from damaging skin before going out in the sun.

5. Drink A Lot Of Water

Drinking water 8 to 10 glass in a day is important to keep your body hydrated all day long. Water helps in removing toxins from the body besides keeping your body fresh.

6. Apply Light Lotions

In summers light lotions should be used to keep your body fresh. The light refreshing fruity lotion will do wonders for your skin in summers. After taking shower to apply lotion on your skin to get it to moisturise leaving your skin soft and smooth.

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7. Protect Eyes And Lips

Sun rays are unbearable and intolerable during the daytime in summer particularly from 12 p.m to 4 p.m.  So when you go out in sun cover your eyes with sunglasses, put balm on your lips and apply sunscreen to remain protected from the scorching heat of the sun.

If your eyes have haveing sensation then wash your eyes with cold water. You can also apply cotton dipped in potato or cucumber juice for a soothing effect.

8. Be Hygienic

Maintaining hygiene in summers is very important to take a bath 2 times a day it will not only keep your body fresh but protect you from infections and body odour also.

Soak your hands in water with a pinch of salt it not only help to relax your body but also helps in increasing blood circulation.

9. Light Fabrics Use

To tackle the heat of summers you should wear light fabric clothes like cotton and lighter fabrics. Avoid wearing tight clothes in summers as they will make you more sweat due to which itchiness, rashes and other skin infections can be produced. So wear light cotton clothes in summers to beat the heat.

To protect and remain fresh all the summers you should follow these useful tips which will keep your skin healthy and glowing throughout the summer season. These easy and effective tips will make you feel beautiful and fresh all day long in summers.

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