The way you dress could completely modify your mood and lifestyle. The ‘power tie’ seems to be a reality as per the findings of several studies by clinical psychologists. In a particular study, some people were asked to wear formal business clothes and they had to participate in a series of experiments that precisely were aimed at challenging their cognitive processing capabilities. The study revealed that individuals who had dressed up seemed to feel more in control of everything and felt reasonably confident and powerful as compared to his under-dressed colleagues

Rational individuals would like to believe that clothes are mere fabric pieces that are worn as an outfit. As per experts, it has been proved that clothes that are worn by us certainly impacts our mood and the way we think. People love specific clothes simply because they feel happy to wear them. Some clothes could transform your grumpy mood into a cheerful mood. When you feel happy you are bound to look good and vice versa. You could be suitably motivated to achieve all your goals in your professional and personal lives when you feel happy about the way you are dressed. Your clothes could keep you going forward. Researchers feel that women are pretty emotional about their clothes. They are very finicky about what they wear and they prefer wearing only those clothes that help them in looking gorgeous and confident.

Your Clothing Could Sharpen Your Creative & Thinking Abilities

Your clothing does make you feel powerful if you choose the right attire but at the same time, the research also revealed that people who dressed well and wore formal clothes could even think faster and they came up with some brilliant and extremely creative ideas. The researchers speculated that the way you dress could modify your perception of people, objects, and your lifestyle in general. When you look great, your thinking abilities would get sharpened and polished. You would be getting sparking ideas, more creativity, and a fresh perspective., if you are a person who dresses only for yourself, it would simply take 5 minutes for getting ready and you would not be suffering from anxiety and tentativeness while dressing up for a date. You are oozing with confidence anyways. You would simply choose a nice outfit for another outing. That’s it. You never think of sharing a selfie in your dressing room to your group chat. You know pretty well that you are looking good and you do not care for any label of approval from anybody else. Once you are confident about the way you are dressed, you stop caring about how other people feel about you. 

Your Clothes Could Compel You to Do Exercises

Athletes who turned up in red clothes could emerge victorious more often as compared to those in blue. As per a study conducted by qualified clinical scientists, individuals who did workouts in red experienced higher heart rates on an average and could lift relatively heavier weights. Sometimes, the color of your attire could determine your course of action. 

So you are thinking of doing exercises regularly but you are just not getting the right motivation. Wearing shorts and sneakers in the morning could be a comfy and cool way of running errands. But once you wear sneakers and running shorts you could feel motivated enough to go to the gym on the way back from the store. It has got everything to do with the symbolic meaning associated with a specific item of clothing. It implies that once you get dressed up like the way you do while working out, you tend to get into the athletic frame of mind and feel more active and motivated for a workout regime. 

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Your Outfits Could Make You Look Smarter 

Dressing up in attires that are associated with intelligence such as pilot’s uniform or doctor’s coat would make individuals look smarter but often they act smarter too as per the findings of a study that appeared in the ‘Journal of Experimental Social Psychology’. Doctor’s lab coats were given to subjects by the researchers. The subjects were asked to carry out a series of complicated tasks. Individuals in white doctor’s coats made fewer mistakes as compared to individuals in casual clothes. The experiment was repeated varying the conditions but each time it was proved that individuals in doctor’s coats did much better in the tasks. 

Your Attire Could Be Helping You in Getting Your Way

Most of you hate the idea of negotiating a car price or a house contract. Your clothing could help you in getting an edge in the event of an argument. Researchers had asked subjects to be divided into three distinct groups. They were asked to dress in casual clothes, in pairs of sweats or a formal suit. They were placed strategically in a situation where they had to do some negotiation. The better dressed could an edge over the one who had dressed down. Moreover, the individuals in sweats demonstrated relatively lower levels of testosterone that further decreased their aggression.

Your Attires Could Help in Cheering You Up

Do you wear outfits to reflect your mood or do you wear them to modify your mood? Researchers have observed and interviewed various individuals to find out the reason behind their clothing choices. Researchers have pointed out that often people dress up in a way they would like to feel and how they would want others to think they are feeling. This means that often you would wear a bright smile and a happy sweater just to convince others that you are all good and happy even when the reality is that you are down and depressed.

Conclusion: Clothing for Focus

A lot of tasks are structured such that the only thing you need to get them done is a razor-sharp focus. The ability to garner this amount of focus does not come easily, though. Studies reveal clothing has an impact on a person’s mindset; people in various professions were found to be focusing better when they wore smarter clothes that had a good fit and cut rather than ill-fitting smock-like clothes. When you wear smart clothes, they demand that you play the part. You feel better, sharper, smarter and ready to face whatever challenge comes your way.

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