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6 Best Academic Research Engines | All Students Must Know

When each and every student wants to do some academic research the first thing to hit his or her mind is not library as it used to be some times back, but every student thinks of Google when it comes to assignments and projects. Google search engine does not serve the intended purpose when it comes to academic research as it does in most other types of research, this is because the results derived from Google are not perfect and to the academic research standards.

Google results being not to the standards and the expected perfection does not mean that an academic researcher cannot collect reliable data online, there are other reliable search engines to do your academic research. With the reliable academic research engines you can rely upon in order to get your hands on relevant information without going through irrelevant low quality information. If you are reading this and you cannot believe if what you are reading can be possible try the academic search engines to get the research material you want quickly and easily, and without compromising on quality.

Best Academic Research Engines:

  1. Google Scholar
  2. Virtual LRC
  3. Academic Info
  4. iSeek Education
  5. Refseek
  6. Microsoft Academic Search

1. Google Scholar

Google scholar is an academic search engine housed by Google. It is especially designed to search for scholarly literature, that is it assists you find relevant information from the scholarly research world. Google scholar will help you explore several sources like books, pre reviewed papers, pre-print repositories, dissertations, articles and abstracts from various academic publishers, universities, professional societies and other websites.

2. Virtual LRC

The Virtual Learning Resources Center gives an academic researcher the ability to explore educational sites with very high-quality information. Virtual LRC has been indexed with thousands of academic information websites and on top of that it has custom Google search thus, you will be able to get more refined results, and for that reason you will be able to finalize your research in less time. Virtual LRC has been organized by teachers and library professionals across the world in order to provide students with great resources for academic assignments and projects. This is the place to start looking for academic research material that can help you in your studies.

3. Academic Info

It contains an in depth guide of the best links and resources within a specific subject area. In case you are looking for useful academic websites for research it is recommendable to browse through academic info. On top of academic research academic info also offers online degrees, online courses and distance learning information from a selection of online accredited schools.

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4. iSeek Education

It is among the best and widely used search engine for academic research on the internet. It is specifically designed keeping the students, teachers and scholars in mind. iseek Education search engine shows only the reliable and relevant results that helps the researcher save time and internet data thus, enabling to get academic research done fast. Another iSeek Education search engine amazing feature is that the researcher to acquire safe, authoritative, intelligent and time saving resources.

5. Refseek

The appearance of Refseek academic search engine makes simpler than Google to use during your academic research though Refseek does not claim to offer more results than Google. Refseek provides results which are not related to science, academia and research. The amazing thing about Refseek is the fact that the researcher can search for information related to your subject without getting distracted by the sponsored links. In the Refseek database you will be able to access over one billion documents, web pages, books, journals, newspapers, online en cyclopaedias and articles.

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This a powerful search engine from the famous Microsoft Company. Microsoft Academic Search gives a researcher the ability to explore millions publications. The amazing features of this search engine is that it provides trends, graphs and maps for your academic research. At Microsoft Academic Search a researcher will find above 40 million publications from over 20 million authors.

In conclusion if you would like to produce high quality academic research, it is wise to gather and analyses from reliable sources. The above mentioned research engines can be of great help to you in making your research powerful. Definitely the researchers who relies on the research engines will quality projects and assignments.


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