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iOS 8 Hidden Features you must know

iOS 8 Hidden features

iOS 8 is now available for download and you can update your i-device (iPhone, iPod and iPad) to new version. However, the latest version of the iOS brings with it several problems and bugs, and the most weird one is the decrease of battery life. To directly download the latest iOS 8 simply Click here

Now, lets talk about 5 important iOS 8 functions and features that users might have not known about:

1) Superior photo sharing in the Messages

You need to simply tap on the camera icon in Messages app to simply attach the one or more of your recent images to the iMessages.

2) Desktop version of the websites in Safari

Sometimes, using the mobile version of some websites might ruin the browsing experience for some users. For times, during which users need to open desktop version of any website on your iPhone, just tap on address bar and swipe it down. The “Request Desktop” option will be shown there.

3) Emergency health information display on lock screen

The new health app on iOS 8 that can saves life by taking vital information (List of allergies, Blood group and much more) from user’s personal medical information and let you access it from lock screen in the case of an emergency.

Even if iOS 8 device is walled off by a PIN, user’s essential medical information can be accessed by the others with this feature.

4) Step Counting

With iOS 8 update, your idevice has its pedometer turned on by the default, allowing it to count user’s steps. User can view this data simply by opening the health app.

5) Added notifications for the replies to email threads
Apple has added a nifty feature to default email client on new iOS 8, allowing it to notify you when you responds to a specific email thread. This comes in handy when user had like to give a particular thread preference over the rest.

To activate this, find the thread in the question in your inbox, swipe it to the left and then choose “more”. User should find a “Notify Me…” option at the bottom.


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