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5 Awesome Keylogger Apps You Can Use Without Being A Hacker!

Keylogger apps rule. You can get a lot of data from them for both wok and personal purposes if you put your mind to it.

But first, before getting to the juicy part of our story lets talk about what this specific software is and what’s the value.

A keylogger is an application that basically logs your keyboard strokes. Every time you type something in, the information is neatly stored. The more advanced apps like the ones offered on give you a wider arrange of functions!

With a keylogger you can:

• Record keystrokes

All user input is neatly stored, meaning if your child or an employee uses a keyboard you will know what that person uses it for.

• Online browsing history

All of the visited sites are known to the keylogger owner without any exceptions.

• The screen is also recorded via screenshots

This is a neat method of leveraging conflict over a matter employee A says he sent to employee B while the second one states he never received anything.

• Cloak of invisibility

Great keyloggers also protect your passwords and can run your apps in invisible mode meaning no one knows about what you are doing. This mode is a treat in terms of personal protection.

• Tracking and monitoring of files as well as apps

Whenever changes are made on a PC and despite their relevance you will know about them. Mot a single file will be downloaded, installed or removed without alerting you about it.

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Yes and no. It depends is probably the best answer. If you own the computer you are installing the app on – you are fine and well. If you are using a keylogger to harvest data from unaware users – you are a hacker and you should feel bad about it!

Who are keyloggers made for, then?

• Parents with children
• CEO and managers willing to check on their personnel performance
• System administrators responsible for network security
• Computer teachers as well as Internet Café owners and other providers of computer-based rental services

What are the best keylogger applications to ever exist?

Keylogger apps don’t really differ in terms of price and functionality. It’s just that some are safer and better built than others. Some of the best products in this niche are:


Xnspy’s keylogger is the best. It works on all Android cell phones. After downloading this application on a phone, it starts monitoring all the keystrokes from instant messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, Line, etc. On top of that, Xnspy monitor every tiny activity happening on a phone, like the calls made or received, emails, internet browsing history, multimedia, locations, and so on.


This service provider actually offers an array of products like a Phone Spy, Free and Premium keyloggers for Mac and Windows and a personal monitoring app.

3. Actual Keylogger

This app has nice features to look deeper into the system and launched software in particular.

4. Spyrix Keylogger

A handy free tool for Windows, Android and Mac.

5. Kidlogger

Another free app with a wider array of platforms as it also supports iOS-based devices.

6. Revealer keylogger

This app is best at monitoring real time messaging interactions via Skype or Facebook.


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