Easy Steps To Activate WhatsApp Voice Calls on iOS

WhatsApp Voice Calls on iOS

Famous WhatsApp messenger, which allowed free voice calling feature in Android, is now activating this feature to iOS (Apple Phone) users. On android, people can also have this feature by getting a call from someone having a voice calling on whatsApp enabled. But, in iOS, it is not possible so you have to follow below simple steps to activate WhatsApp voice calls on iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod).

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Infographics To Activate WhatsApp Voice Calls on iOS

WhatsApp Voice Calls on iOS

Simple Steps To Enable WhatsApp Voice Calls on iOS

(Remember, your iPhone, iPad or iPod should be JailBroken)

  • Then users must add “iMokholes” source on the Cydia app. Click here to Add “iMokholes” Repo on Cydia

  • After adding the repo, Install “WhatsApp Call Enabler” from Cydia installer.
  • Finally, find someone who has this feature and ask them to call you for activating WhatsApp Voice Calls on iOS.

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This WhatsApp Voice Calling feature has not yet been activated for Windows Phone users. But, You will get it activated soon.

There are many other Voice calling apps like Skype, Viber, Line, Hike that also supports VoIP. But as WhatsApp has largest user count (750 million active users) in social-messaging application, it gives the tough competition to its competitors.

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